Eminem music to be murdered by

On his 11th album, all the old enemies are present: the women who do him wrong, the family members who messed him up, the rappers you may or may not remember he has beefs with, the annoying fans, the haters, and, most important, the self-immolating man in the mirror. He does seem to have thrown a little more intellectual, thematic, and emotional elbow grease into this record. Eminem piles on movie references, calling on everything from Reservoir Dogs to Rocky to 8 Mile. Eminem has plenty of dragons to slay on this song, minute set. First up: us. The Dr. Musically, he gestures toward the current hip-hop world a little more intentionally than his hermetic-sounding albums have tended to in the recent past. Paak lends his light Cali-soul growl over Dr. In a new lyrical wrinkle, Em steps into the role of political commentator and protest voice, with mixed results. Such a moment of moral urgency, however muddled, also has the knock-on effect of rendering other bits of expected shock-rap offensiveness more glaringly uncomfortable.

Before he ever shook hands with Dr. This, after all, was a nasally white rapper from Detroit with a rhyming dictionary and a taste for horrorcore.

It was released with no prior announcement, in a similar fashion to his previous studio album Kamikaze

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Before he ever shook hands with Dr. This, after all, was a nasally white rapper from Detroit with a rhyming dictionary and a taste for horrorcore. If you ran the simulation a thousand times, it would never spit out the actual results: the tens of millions of records sold, the merchandising and the Academy Award and the million little cottage industries. But Music to Be Murdered By , released without warning last week, is defined by a certain kind of defiance, and even a peculiar integrity. On both songs, the younger performer sounds freer and looser than the headliner, but each ranks among the most effective cuts.

Eminem sounds even more engaged when fixating on rap from another era. This is, of course, the guy who has been posing for pictures in King Sun shirts and doing his most inspired rapping over old Black Moon beats. Eminem once rapped like a drugged-out rubberband, lurching between conversational rhythms and breathtakingly difficult passages.

Lately, he just raps At its worst, this means enduring endless cascades of shout-rapping in the droning, arrhythmic machine-gun style that generally white rappers with a fraction of his talent so often utilize, long runs of double- and triple-time flows that bludgeon the song and exist for their own sake. The irony is that versions of the verbose, precise style that Eminem favors here have become very popular over the last decade. One just needs to listen to J. D , or the more ambitious J. His influence on Tyler, the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt has been well documented.

All of this makes it frustrating when Eminem frequently lapses into finger-wagging at the kids on his lawn. On one song, he describes himself as a cross between Blueface and the Boston Strangler—a level of absurdity that Music to Be Murdered By aspires to but achieves only in fleeting moments. Buy: Rough Trade. Pitchfork may earn a commission from purchases made through affiliate links on our site.

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